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Centrelink Assistance for Severe Weather

Centrelink is providing assistance on behalf of the Australian Government to people affected by the floods and severe weather conditions being experienced in Queensland and other areas of Australia. As part of a package of assistance, Disaster Income Recovery Subsidy is available to a range of foreign nationals, such as those on temporary skilled visas, New Zealand nationals on temporary visas and temporary family class visas, who were living or working in Australia at the time of the disaster and have experienced a loss of income as a direct result of the disaster.

Information on the assistance Centrelink is providing is currently available in English on Centrelink's website.  Relevant fact sheets are being translated into 13 languages and published on the We speak your language section of the Centrelink Website.  Information will be broadcast on SBS national radio in 15 languages and published in-language in a number of ethnic newspapers shortly.  In addition, the Centrelink website contains details of Centrelink offices closed due to flooding and special arrangements for customers residing in the affected areas

Please find a link to the relevant part of the Centrelink web site below.

Centrelink assistance for flooding and severe weather November 2010 - January 2011