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Generous Donor helps older Italians suffering dementia

The preparation of homemade pasta, bottling olives and repairing old tools are just some of the activities proposed to encourage elderly Italians with dementia to reminisce about their past and be actively involved with their carers. Northcote businessman Michael Bonadio has generously donated $50,000 in memory of his mother Giovanna Bonadio, enabling Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre (MRC) to run a program for Italians with dementia

Mr Bonadio is very passionate about raising awareness and providing services for people with dementia in the Italian community. "I've observed an increase in dementia in the Italian community and have been impacted personally with the death of my mother. I encourage my fellow Italian community members to consider donating to this program or to put forward their own ideas to address this growing issue," said Mr Bonadio.

Visit the Spectrum Migrant Resource Centre website to read more.