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The Wonder of Words - Arnold Zable Dicusses Storytelling with INsite

Telling the stories of your life’s journey can provide meaning in later life, particularly for culturally and linguistically diverse seniors, author Arnold Zable tells Darragh O Keeffe (INsite).

A survivor from the Black Saturday bushfires was taking part in a writing and storytelling workshop with the noted author Arnold Zable, and fellow survivors.  In the midst of the session the woman turned to Zable and said: “I’m finding this more powerful than counselling.” Somewhat stunned, Zable asked her to elaborate. She told him that counselling was fine, but during the sessions she tended to feel like a client, or even a victim. In comparison, during the storytelling session she felt she was in charge, navigating her own ship, she told him.

Arnold Zable is appearing at the upcoming Cultural Diversity in Ageing 2012 Conference in Melbourne to discuss the power of storytelling as a therapeutic tool with the elderly.

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