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Crime Stoppers information in 20 languages

The Crime Stoppers Multilingual Project aims to make culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups feel more at ease in dealing with police and providing information about crime. The project, a joint initiative between Crime Stoppers and Victoria Police, is now in its ninth year and still going strong with the message ‘Crime is not culturally sensitive’.

The project recognises that people who are from CALD communities may experience difficulties in receiving information and communicating in English, however, these same people may be aware of particular criminal activity which should be investigated. Members of the Crime Stoppers Multilingual team work with CALD communities to provide them with greater access to the Crime Stoppers program.

The Multilingual Project aims to:

- provide information on the Crime Stoppers program, in the most prevalent non-English languages;
- enhance Crime Stoppers’ capacity to communicate with callers who do not speak English; and
- encourage CALD communities to contact Crime Stoppers to help solve crimes.

Visit the Crime Stoppers website to access the information in over 20 languages, including audio versions.