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Macedonian Talking Book on Diabetes

Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) has released their 'Information on Diabetes' Talking Book in the Macedonian language, in addition to the currently available languages - Italian and Greek.

RDNS has acknowledged that it can be difficult for people to understand the details of a health condition when English isn’t their first language. They have produced the RDNS Talking Book series, 'Information on Diabetes', available in languages other than English, as a way to help people to do this.

Using simple information sheets, the book covers 10 important topics to help people manage their diabetes as well as possible. They are all presented using clear language that is easy to understand. The information is available to read or listen to in the three languages, as well as the option to read the information in English.

To listen to the talking book in other languages, click on the links below.

'Information on Diabetes in Macedonian' talking book

'Information on Diabetes in Greek' talking book

'Information on Diabetes in Italian' talking book