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Within My Walls - Elder Abuse Resource for Communities

The Ethnic Communities' Council of Victoria (ECCV) launched its short film on elder abuse, Within My Walls, a community education resource in October 2014.

Within My Walls is a glimpse into the lives of older people in suburban Melbourne, who have been affected by mistreatment at the hands of their family.

This film is a community education tool, designed to generate discussion about the topic of elder abuse.

The film addresses stigma about accepting help outside the family, not knowing where to go for help and increased dependency on adult children due to migration.

Within My Walls is available in seven languages (Cantonese, Greek, Macedonian, Mandarin, Serbian, Tagalog and Turkish), and the stories show types of elder abuse experienced in ethnic communities.

To order a copy of the DVD and education resource, email or call Fiona York, ECCV Senior Project Officer on 9349 4122.

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