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Culturally inclusive data collection

What data are you collecting about your consumers?

Delivery of culturally inclusive aged care relies on collection of relevant data form your consumers.  The minimal core set of cultural and language indicators proposed by the Australian Bureau of Statistic are: country of birth of person; main language other than English spoken at home;  proficiency in spoken English;  Indigenous status. In the case of aged care data sets, it is important to note that ‘Indigenous status’ is to be collected in its own right and not as part of the CALD group. A standard core set of cultural and language indicators proposed are; the minimum core set of cultural and language indicators and;  ancestry (a self-assessed measure of ethnicity and cultural background, identifying a person’s origins and heritage; country of birth of father; country of birth of mother;  first language spoken;  languages spoken at home; main language spoken at home; religious affiliation; year of arrival in Australia. 

Speak to the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing if you need support with collecting data on the cultural diversity on your consumers, or download the Data and Demographics Practice Guide from our website. 


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