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Bilingual Directories - register your service

Registrations are now open for two new online Australia-wide directories for aged care services.

A growing number of older people who speak languages other than English are accessing aged care services. Communication is the single greatest barrier faced by aged care services in providing quality service to older people who speak languages other than English. The aim of the directories is to facilitate a match in the languages spoken by consumers and staff.

Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing is now accepting registrations for one or both of the following directories:

Aged Care Services with Bilingual Staff Directory

This directory lists approved home care and residential aged care providers who have bilingual staff working at their services. Consumers and their carers will be able to search for services where there are staff who speak their language.

Bilingual Agency Staff Directory

This directory lists agencies who have bilingual staff that can be hired out to aged care service providers. This listing allows aged care providers to search for bilingual staff they can hire in order to match the language spoken by their consumers.

Free registration

Registration is free-of-charge for Australian Government subsidised providers of home care and residential aged care services. Please click on the buttons below to begin the registration process.


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