One Size Does Not Fit All Podcast

The “One size does not fit all” podcast aims to promote discussions around diversity in aged care and supports the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse older people and their families and carers. It asks the question: "How can we create a more inclusive aged care system for them so that everyone has a fair go!?" As One size does not fit all…does it?!

The podcast shares the insights of experts and industry leaders working in aged care, practical advice around diversity and inclusion and stories to inspire. The guests on the podcast have years of experience in aged care, diversity and leadership. 


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Season 3


Ep. 4: Stories from culturally diverse personal care workers 

In this episode, we speak to Connie Tuccitto from Spectrum and Wai Aung from Benetas, two inspiring personal care workers making a positive impact in the lives of older people. Join us as they share their heartfelt stories and insights about what it takes to be a personal care worker. Discover what drives Connie and Wai  in their roles, how they go about building trust with their clients, and their commitment  to meeting the unique and diverse needs of clients. Connie tells us, "My clients make my day." Wai adds, "A smile goes a long way in building rapport with clients."  At the Centre, we're advocating to better support  Australia’s culturally diverse aged care workforce.



Ep. 3: Opportunities and challenges in creating culturally inclusive aged care teams

In this episode, our guest is Bevan Toerien, Executive General Manager at Spectrum Aged Care and Disability Services. Bevan is a vital member of Spectrum Executive Leadership Team and brings a wealth of experience and a profound commitment to improving aged and disability services.

Bevan described the challenges and opportunities when on-boarding aged care workers and how Spectrum’s recruitment practices are a vital piece when it comes to attracting culturally diverse care workers. He proudly shared that Spectrum’s workforce speaks over 30 different languages and are committed to serving the diverse seniors’ community in a meaningful way.

Bevan is dedicated to organisational processes and systems which makes hiring and retaining staff easier as he understands the complexity and sensitivity when it comes to navigating and supporting culturally diverse care teams.



Ep. 2: Responding to racism experienced by aged care staff

In this episode, our guest is our friend and long-term supporter of The Centre, Professor Bianca Brijnath, Director of Social Gerontology at the National Aging Research Institute (NARI).

Bianca has an in-depth understanding of issues related to racism experienced by aged care workers. She carried out related research, seminars, and various workshops and was interviewed by journalists on this topic. 

She tells us that there is a lot of reticence by staff to raise the issue of racism publicly and speak up in their respective organisation.

Bianca underlines that ’Staff must be safe at work, psychologically and physically.’



Ep. 1: The changing face of care and supporting the wellbeing of the culturally diverse workforce

The new season is focusing on supporting a culturally diverse aged care workforce.

In this episode, we speak with Irene BlackBerry, the John Richards Chair and the Director of the Care Economy Research Institute at La Trobe University.

Irene told us that there are many courses of interest to migrants, such as courses offered by the Migrant Resource Centres that are related to Ageing and Disability Support. There are also programs offered by the NSW Government, such as ‘Skills that work'. Irene tells us that these types of programs not only assist migrants with their English skills but they also assist them in better understanding the Australian aged care system.

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing notes that service providers, the government, the community and the aged care sector at large have a role to play to ensure the well-being of the culturally diverse workforce, but also equip them with the appropriate skills to deliver high-quality care.



Season 2


Ep. 4: Influencing change for seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

In this episode we speak with two amazing guests who are passionate about speaking up to protect the rights of seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. They talk about effective ways to engage with seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. And they share inspiring insights about what we can all do to influence change.

Ponniah Anandajayasekeram (Ananda) is involved with a number of community organisations working for the rights of seniors from culturally & linguistically diverse communities. He’s the Board Chair of the Southern Migrant & Refugee Centre, Victoria and a member of the Policy Development Committee of COTA, Victoria.

Jo Perri uses his background in marketing and PR to campaign for housing accessibility for seniors in Victoria. He was also the representative for seniors in the Italian community in a report on post-COVID mental health distress in multicultural communities.



Ep. 3: Places of belonging and connections for seniors from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

In this episode, we're speaking with Frank DiBlasi and Phil Peladarinos.

Frank Di Blasi is a senior leader from the Italian community in Melbourne. He is originally from Vizzini in the province of Catania, Sicily, but has called Melbourne home for the past 60 years. Frank has a very long list of achievements that emphasise his commitment to his local community, as well as his Italian heritage and culture.

Phil Peladarinos is the Team Leader - Care Management at Merri Health. Phil was born and raised in Greece and relocated to Australia in the mid-80s. Phil has a background in Aged Care, Mental Health, Local Government and Tertiary Education with almost 35 years’ experience in working with culturally diverse communities.

We discuss their involvement with diverse senior community social groups and finding a sense of belonging.



Ep. 2: Voices of senior leaders from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds

In this episode you will hear more about issues and experiences of older people from culturally diverse backgrounds shared by two senior leaders who actively participate in shaping the Australian aged care sector.

Santosh Kumar who is the Treasurer of The Northern Federation of Ethnic Senior Citizens Clubs and is a well-travelled former RMIT Professor who has been very active in the community. Danijela Hlis is a published writer, bicultural social support worker and bilingual Diversional Therapist, who has been working with and advocating for seniors and elders from 1st Nations people and people from culturally and linguistically diverse background for the past 25 years. 



Ep. 1: Writing and authoring migration stories

In this episode you will hear from Lella Cariddi, who curated many migration stories which have significantly contributed to Victoria’s cultural and historic diversity. These stories earned her a 2022 Community History Award for Oral History. She has also worked closely with Multicultural Arts Victoria and various other organisations for which she has been awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia.

You will also hear from Con Pagonis, who has worked for thirty years with the Australian Governmentmainly in migration and multicultural affairs and spent another eight years as a Multicultural Policy Adviser with State and Local Governments in Victoria. He has also volunteered for many years at the Ethnic Communities'​ Council of Victoria.

Lella and Con discuss their family’s journey of migration, the importance of older people’s voices being heard and share tips on how to write your own migrant story.  



Season 1


Ep. 4: Uniting NSW.ACT approaches to diversity

In this episode we have our special guests from Uniting NSW, Margaret Teuma and Lana Richards, who have worked hard to design policies and programs that promote culturally appropriate care for seniors. Uniting is a great example of how to appropriately include inclusive and accessible care in the aged care sector.

It will give anyone working in the aged care sector an insight of how they can effectively implement diversity and inclusive care in their aged care facility. 



Ep 3: Prof Bianca Brijnath on dementia care research for CALD communities

In this episode we are chatting with Professor Brijnath on her contribution to the aged care sector, her book and her work in Gerontology and culturally inclusive care.

In 2022, Professor Bianca Brijnath won the Dr Olga Kanitsaki AM Award for Individual Excellence, for her work to improve quality of life for older culturally and linguistically diverse Australians as well as leading four national projects to increase awareness of dementia prevention and care. 



Ep. 2: Free Translations in aged care project

People who are in the aged care system often times feel misunderstood and misrepresented. 

In this episode you will hear about the Free Translations in aged care project titled "Different Languages, Same Aged Care". This project empowers aged care providers by using this translation service for all their translation needs in order to deliver inclusive service and meet their client's needs. 



Ep. 1: Introducing the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing

In this episode you will learn about the work The Centre does.

Lisa Tribuzio and Nikolaus Rittinghausen who are integral part of The Centre share their experiences and insights of the services The Centre is offering to aged care providers who are keen to make their workplaces more inclusive and where diversity is recognised and embraced.

Great good practice stories, expertise around diversity policies in aged care, and how to support aged care providers to address the needs of older people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.