Diversity Mentoring Program

The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing’s Diversity Mentoring Program

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The Diversity Mentoring Program (DMP) is a co-design program involving a collaboration between an aged care service provider and The Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing. The DMP consists of four customised mentoring sessions designed for senior leadership within the Aged Care sector. The primary objective is to enhance inclusive care governance over a span of six to twelve months.

The Diverse Mentoring Program lets your organisation choose four sessions from a catalogue topics gathering best practices, addressing vital aspects for Aged Care. The program begins with an assessment encompassing both qualitative and quantitative aspects (using our Inclusive Service Standards tool). It concludes with a final session presenting a report with findings and recommendations, evaluating organisational progress post-program.

Upon program completion, your organisation earns certification as a graduate, enhancing accreditation and expediting Aged Care provider approval from the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. The Diverse Mentoring Program's activities serve as evidence for commission compliance, meeting unique care recipient needs and aligning with Aged Care Quality Standards for robust support in reporting requirements

Outcomes of the DMP
• Increase awareness of how to develop diversity policies and practices.
• Increase awareness of the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing’s resources (Inclusive Service Standards, practice guides, consumer feedback forms, and communication cards in different languages) and where to go for further support.
• A DMP evaluation report outlining the areas of strengths and future improvements to address gaps in service delivery.


Thank you for your interest in our program.

Given the overwhelming demand,  we have closed applications for the current financial year.

For organisations who want to be placed on our waiting list, please email

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