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Migrant Families in Aged Care: An Intergenerational Perspective Seminar

Aged care workers constantly negotiate all sorts of arrangements with families. Often workers are dealing with a number of generations within the one family. Different generations have different views on the well-being of their elderly.

Cultural values impact directly on how perceptions can vary between family members. At this seminar we reviewed strategies to facilitate decision making and negotiation process in the aged care setting taking into consideration cultural and generational points of view and provide with best strategies in handling complaints from families from intergenerational point of view.

Available speaker presentations from this Seminar:

Steve Aivaliotis- Director, Proactive Complaints Management- "Addressing responses to complaints from CALD clients and their families about aged care services" (PDF 73.6kb)

Ms Kerry Rigby- Nurse Eductor, Baptcare- "A collage of culture and aged care: Piecing it together" (PDF 129kb)

Dr Michael Bauer and Dr Tenzin Bathgate- Australian Centre for Evidence Based Aged Care Faculty of Health Sciences, La Trobe University- "Constructive Staff-Family Relationships in Residential Aged Care"- Reseach Findings (PPT 918kb)

Ms Pamela Bruder- Life Enrichment Program Coordinator, Emmy Monash Aged Care Inc- "Breaking down the stigma of ageing and advancing individual wellbeing through an inter-generational, interfaith, intercultural choir in a residential facility" (PDF 7.62 MB)

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