Multilingual Resources


Communication Cards

The Communication Cards are a tool for enhancing communication with clients in their preferred language. They depict a wide range of daily activities and situations and can be used to prompt discussion, assist with directions, clarify a client's needs, etc. Available in a bilingual format in 25 languages.



Aged Care Signage

This package of bilingual signs aims to assist clients to navigate their way around a home or aged care service. Signage such as 'kitchen', 'dining room', 'keep out', 'danger' and 'this way to the garden', will help staff communicate with residents/clients aiming to minimise confusion and miscommunication.  Available in a bilingual format in 25 languages.




Multilingual Publication Links

Contains links to multilingual aged care and health resources produced by other organisations.




Discontinued Resources

The following is a list of discontinued resources. These resources have been removed as they are no longer current due to the aged care reforms.

-    Options in Aged Care
-    Accessing Aged Care Services
-    Residential Handbook
-    Residential Care and Services Guide
-    Community Care Client Guides: CACP, EACH and EACHD

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