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The Moove & Groove Program

Wireless headphones & audio visual content for older people especially those with dementia





We were introduced to The Moove & Groove Program at the CALDWAYS 2020 conference and were really impressed. We caught up with Kate Sowden, Moove & Groove’s General Manager, to find out more.

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The Moove & Groove Program helps aged care providers support people with dementia and provide individualised care, especially to people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Many people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds revert to their preferred language in late-stage dementia and this can leave them feeling isolated if they don’t have people around them who share this language.

Moove & Groove offers 30+ languages

They’ve got podcasts, radio, music and videos. Content includes armchair travel, reminiscing, religious services, meditations and exercise classes. LGBTIQ content is coming soon. Content can be individual to each older person, shared one on one or with a group. It can be played on tablet devices and TVs.

Moove & Groove’s approach to working with organisations results in staff being able to easily and efficiently individualise playlists. Families can send in playlists for their loved one too. Research shows that The Moove & Groove Program significantly improves resident’s health and wellbeing, dementia behaviours and staff job satisfaction.

Language and culture are so important

The best way to reflect on the importance of language and culture is through the experiences of older people who use Moove & Groove.

Kate has lots of life changing stories. Here are two...


“Tharma is 79 years old and originally from Tamil, India. He lives in residential care and displayed very difficult dementia behaviours. This was distressing for his son during visits. Staff asked us to source Tamil content, music, video and audio options.

As soon as Tharma listened to his own language and his own music his face lit up with a big smile. He was just delighted and completely engaged.
And now he listens to something in Tamil every day and with his son too! That’s part of his care plan. His son says the program is fantastic support for his dad’s wellbeing.”


“Klaus is 85 years old, originally from Germany. Every afternoon a staff member brings him something to listen to in German. He has progressed dementia but he remembers that she comes every day at 3.30. He sees the pink tablet device and he smiles and seems excited.

When the staff member told me this story she started crying because before Moove & Groove he was isolated and depressed.”

We asked Kate about the need to be understood

“We all crave to be understood. If you can’t understand the people around you and they can’t understand you. It’s incredibly isolating. When someone understands what you need and gives it to you. You feel understood.

When you don’t have the ability to communicate in English, having somebody provide something for you in your preferred language is just... I can’t describe. It’s just so extraordinarily joyous and meaningful.”

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Thank you Kate for sharing the Moove & Groove story with us.

Photos supplied by Moove and Groove